Providing Superior Ingredients Since 2018

 At Superior Molecular we are proud to provide you with clean and safe hemp derived cannabinoid products. Our team has the expertise necessary for refining full-spectrum, broad spectrum and isolated cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp. We exclusively source from local craft industrial hemp farms serving as the foundation of all of our products. Utilizing environmentally friendly Co2 technology, we can separate terpenes from bulk cannabinoid oils allowing us to maximize our formulation abilities. 

Superior Molecular's water soluble formulations have found success in the industrial and craft beverage markets. We offer a standard formulation for various water-soluble cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN. Our newest innovations include water clear and flavorless versions which have solved solubility, stability, coloring and flavoring issues often encountered by our customers in the industry.  

Superior Molecular Water Soluble Hemp Ingredients

In addition to various successes in the cannabis beverage industry our team has helped top brands develop CBD tinctures and vaporizer cartridges. We believe our products have helped our customers deliver consumer's the highest quality and safest products available in the market. 

Our team commits to delivering third party lab tested products. Contact us to learn more about product offerings and the services we provide.  

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